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About Us

Renewable Resources offers the full services of both Reforestation and Environmental Restoration. Incorporated in 1983, Renewable was among the first companies to perform labor intensive, selective herbicide applications as well as employing fully legal and insured employees.

After 25 years of innovation and steady work, Renewable is still offering individual forestry services as well as comprehensive land management plans. The evolving philosophies of the ecological protectionists and the commercial forestry industry have been distilled into the practice of Multi-use Land Management or what is now referred to as Stewardship Timber Management. We subscribe to Stewardship Management practices in all of our reforestation business activities and services.

The wide range of Government Programs offering incentives for preservation, restoration and the responsible development of productive natural resources allows us to create management plans that are inclusive, from bird habitat enhancements to maximum timber growth, Renewable Resources is a holistic forestry company. Our 25 years of experience gives us the insights you need to kept your forest interest growing while supporting your financial growth.

Expanding into the fields of Wetland Mitigation, carbon sinking, and environmental restoration our growth of knowledge in native plants and habitat restoration has depth that few companies can offer. We attempt to bring these various management platforms together in order to create healthy, productive properties for our clients. Whether Federal, International or private, we enrich your assets!

Renewable Resources
2222 Boyt Road
Yatesville, GA 31097
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