Renewable Resources

Equipment Services

Services great and small require a variety of equipment and resources. In order for Renewable to offer turn key services we have a full range of equipment in house, we are not limited by equipment availability. From hand planting pine seedlings to large scale terraforming we are prepared for meet your needs.

Hazardous Tree Removal

Hazardous Tree Removal

Renewable Resources
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Fire Hazard Reduction

Fuel Hazard ReductionFire is a natural part of an environment. It is the accumulation of downed woody material and standing dead trees that can present a serious fire hazard to any property. Removal of that excess material improves safety and aesthetic qualities and protects your investment from fires that can grow out of control. Material can be hand removed from the site or chipped on site to improve soil quality.


A desire for privacy can result in a lack of pruning and forest maintainence that often produces a sense of isolation. Stand improvement by careful thinning, pruning, and release of desireable trees can give you the beauty and solitude that you desire without a loss in privacy or stand quality.

Land Clearing

Land ClearingA complete vegetative change can be necessary to achieve a management goal. Land clearing can take many forms, from mechinical, to chemical often completed with burning. We understand the environmental impacts and most cost effective approaches to transforming land. We know how to combine methods to reach true real estate restoration, often transforming degraded real estate into a valuable asset. One example, is converting wornout cropland to productive CRP acres. As the importance in mitigation is gaining reconition we approach land cleaning activities with this in mine.

Pond Installation

Pond InstallationIncreasing water availability on a property can have numerous results. Recreation, waterfowl habitat, fishing, wetland restoration and irrigation are just some of the many benefits of having a pond installed on your property. We have both the equipment resources as well as the techical knowledge to build small ponds regardless of intend use.

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