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Renewable is always looking to talented and motivated individuals to work with! Renewable takes pride in it's diverse crew, we have worked with people from Mexico, Guatemala, Ghana, Peru, Sweden, Germany and of course America. If you're looking for a fast-paced, vibrant and gratifying job we invite you to fill out an application or submit your resume or CV to

Documents may be faxed to 770-358-7671.

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Forestry was a high paying industry in the late seventies.  Americans planting trees for Renewable often earned $300 to $450 per week in the early eighties.  However, labor rates nosed dived in the mid to late eighties as Government and Industry turned a blind eye to the wave of undocumented workers flooding into the forests of the southeast. The belief was that by cutting cost to labor contractors the rate of return would rise on timber investments.  Twenty years has now passed since this was the economic wisdom of the day.  What happened is that rural land prices have increased 20 to 30 times as much per acre compared to the price for rural timberland, while the stumpage price for the timber has remained flat as the major timber producers have moved their timber harvesting attentions to Latin America.

Renewable had to cut wages in order to stay in business.  Yet 25 years later forestry related wages on Federal contracts has risen to the $10 to $13 per hour wages when you include required Federal benefits.  At these levels we are attracting quality Americans.  If you have an interest in traveling, working on restoration contracts, and improving the environment we invite you to download our employment application and apply.

We prefer hiring multicultural crewmembers from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds.  Our basic requirements are that you be in good aerobic condition, be drug free, have no issues of abusing alcohol.  You must be willing to travel and have a desire to improve the Nation’s environment.

If you have a degree in natural sciences and are looking to get your feet wet please send us your resume or CV and tell us a bit about yourself.  We are monitoring the Federal Market including stimulus opportunities and are seeking folks who have degrees, and want to work in areas of exotic and invasive plant control, wetland construction, and other environmentally oriented arenas.


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