Renewable Resources
Little Calumet
Prairie and Wetland Mitigation
The starting point, left photo shows center line ditch, which has been ditched to drain the fields both North and South of it. The grade is artificially steep.

Step One: Remove the trees.

We accomplished this by chipper, cut and pile, grubbing the roots and burning.
The next step in restoring the natural hydrology was to cut and plug drain tiles that had been installed in the 60's so that this once wetland / semi-marsh could...

...begin its restoration back to a hydric wetland.
When you remove the drainage system you have to start pumping in order to keep working.
One plugged drain tile.
The next step was returning the land to its natural topography.
Creating a whole new meaning to the phrase 'site prep' for this Georgia boy.
Meanwhile, the hand crew is busy on Black Oak hand cutting and piling some 57 acres .
This site was all hand work.
The topography on this site was still original, but the site had become filled with invasive and exotic plants like Siberian Elm, Weeping Willow, Mulberry, huge Honeysuckle to name a few.
Here, Leobardo is creating a snag. At first, the designers thought that double-girdling would kill the invasive trees.
After cutting the crew piled hundreds upon hundreds of piles.
And then we burned them. (Very similar to our Henry County Water Authority contract.)
And now back to Chase Street...
Did you say hoedad? Or trackhoe?
Creating an artificial dam to install two runs of 48" RCP pipe.
Through a levee with 5 high-pressure gas lines in it.
This job we sub-contracted to Grimmer Construction; fantastic crew!
Each joint had to be vaccum tested to ensure that the pipe was not porous and that the joints were formed correctly.
Bill, the owner of Lowell Concrete test pipe with us in the hot summer sun. Now the USACE will accept the pipe.


Renewable Resources
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