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Development often requires the destruction of natural habitats. Renewable offers mitigation services to fulfill the requirement that habitats lost in development are mitigated with high quality restorations.


Mitigation RestorationRestoration of historically wetland sites brings balance back to the watershed. Properties that had been drained and used for crop production are ideal candidates for restoration. Wetland restoration can be as simple as plugging drainage and correcting the vegetation of a field or as complex as demolition of structures, removal of drain fields, digging of ponds and complete vegetative conversion on properties previously developed. We find that the most radical changes provide the most stunning results.

To see mitigation restoration in action check out our Little Calumet job.


Mitigation ConversionDrainage patterns in many areas have changed from their original conditions. Highway construction, river channel changes and storm sewer installations have all changed the landscape. Locating properties that are now benefiting from an increase in waterflow offers the opportunity to create wetlands in unexpected places. Installing ponds and promoting expanded water coverage bring wetland value and diversity to historically dry sites.

To see mitigation conversion in action check out our Fort Campbell job.


Mitigation EnhancementWe have had the opportunity to work on a number of sites that were already wetlands. Unfortunately, they were full of exotic vegetation and invasive plants from other regions and the quality of the site was considered to be low even though already wet. Removal of the undesirable vegetation and installation of high quality, native plants bring improved function and value to the property.

To see mitigation enhancement in action check out the following jobs: Fort Campbell, Roundabout Swamp, Norfolk Southern and Little Calumet.

Renewable Resources
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