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May of 2003 to Current

Acadia National Park – 2007/2008
$129,228, 5.5 miles construction of fire breaks by hand

Services included removal of hazardous woody fuels by hand cutting and manual removal, ecosystem was highly sensitive and very remote requiring manual services over mechanical. 

Roundabout Swamp – 2007/2008
$384,000, Replanting of 2,000 acres of severly burned cypress swamp. 

Contractor was required to mechanically rebuild road systems that would fascilitate the delivery of over 600,000 seedlings across a 2,000 acre burned out swamp basin which was planted by hand.

Natchez Trace Parkway - 2007
Hazardous fuel reduction/Urban Interface.

Pine Lake Summit

Pine Lake Summit is a 4,000 acre private estate. This contract consisted of 108.2 acres of pre-commercial thinning and pruning trees that were planted by Renewable in 1983 for the previous landowner, Hiawassee Land Company. RFS also provided herbicide treatments and brush clearing of hardwood bottoms for wildlife enhancement.

2005 Boca Chica Naval Air Station - Key West Florida
35 Acres of Mangrove Swamp Clearing by Hand

This is a Naval Pilot Training Station. The runway approach is surrounded by Mangrove Swamp that is also home to the Lower Marsh Key Rabbit, which is listed on the endangered species list. So how does the Navy protect the habitat of an endangered Rabbit while reducing the dangers to a pilot in training? You select Renewable Resources to bring in their highly trained and experience crew to manually cut the Mangrove and hand carry it out of the brackish water to chip it up for removal. The manual hand work protected the local salt march grass and actually served to release it. The grass is the key to the safe reproduction of the species as it provides cover.

U. S. Army Corp. of Engineers - Little Calumet Prairie and Wetland Mitigation
$1,268,594.96, Gary Indiana. (Click HERE to see more!)

Renewable Resources has completed the construction and installation phase of the Little Calumet Prairie and Wetland Mitigation Contract for the US Army Corps of Engineers. The original contacted price was $921,102.68. The project involved the removal of exotic and invasive plant species, the establishment of approx. 100 acres of native prairie grasslands, the removal of drain tiles to restore natural site hydrology for hydric soil development, channel realignment and the installation of 36 inch and 48 inch RCP drainage pipes through a “Super Right of Way” which housed 5 separate high pressure gas lines (ranging from 6 inches to 36 inches in diameter) under two 500 KV power transmission lines.

The contract also included the removal of 879 tons of garbage from the site and the re-grading of the topography back to its historical natural shape. Renewable has a two year monitoring contract which includes herbicide applications, mowing, erosion control, reseeding and controlled burning. This contract was completed on time with numerous modifications for additional work and refinements of the original design.

Dry Branch Ranch
102.5 acres, $35,080.00, Hancock county Georgia.

80 acres of turnkey pine reforestation and 22.5 acres of pre-commercial thinning of oak forests. The site was harvested approximately 6 years ago and had to be broadcast sprayed with a dozier, burned and hand and machined planted. The hardwood forest pre-commercial thinning reduced natural oak thickets ranging in stocking from 4000 stems per acre to an average of 550 stems per acre. The tract development meets both the investment and personal recreation goals of the landowner.

November 2002 through January 2003

Natchez Trace Urban Interface Fuel Reduction

Natchez Trace Parkway consists of selected locations in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. The purpose of this contract was to reduce the dead fuel loads at selected locations where government land joined high value private real estate. The primary method was the cutting of dead wood and feeding it through a chipper pulled by our New Holland 5030 4x4 tractor. This contact was increased from $34,020.00 to $64,261.00. It was completed on time and with much praise.

June 2001 through September 2002 - Fort Campbell Kentucky

Sabre Heliport Wetland Mitigation
$381,000.00 BONDED CONTRACT,Fort CampbellKentucky.

This contract consisted of the building of four berms, two of which were through an existing swamp, which had a required compaction rating of 95% modified. These berms served as dams for a total of six separate shallow ponds averaging approx .75 acres in size each. We also installed six telephone poles in an existing Great Blue Heron Rookery and built 3 nesting platforms on each. The project included the planting of a wide variety of trees and wetland plants. The purpose of this wetland creation was to replace wetlands lost during the expansion of the Sabre Heliport and runway located on the base. This job required extra time due mainly to 9/11 as we use H2B employees from Mexico and our visa application was lost in the confusion after 9/11 for six months. We were not charged any liquidated damages due to the cause of the disruption.

October 2000 to June of 2001

Pitt County and Beaufort County Emergency Watershed Protection NRCS-EWP
$302,405.00 BONDED, Pitt and Beaufort counties North Carolina.

These two EWP contracts were issued by the United States dept. of Natural Resource and Conservation Services office in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Beaufort County (EWP $163,487.00) and Pitt County (EWP $138,918.00) are coastal counties hit hard by Hurricane Floyd in 1999. The purpose of these two contracts was to remove trees that were uprooted and had blocked various creeks and rivers along the coastline of North Carolina from hurricane Floyd. Both contracts were completed on time and with much praise from both affected landowners and the inspectors for the Federal Government, although they were both modified.

Gussie Townsend
90 acres, $17,500.00, Lamar county Georgia.

The contract goal was to convert old crop fields and cutover hardwoods to planted pine forest for investment purposes.

April 1998 through July 2000

Henry County Water Authority
245 acres, $1.2 Million, Henry county Georgia.

Renewable was contacted in the spring of 1998 and asked if we could clear a swamp basin by hand because it was too wet and boggy for excavators and bulldozers to enter. The project started with 17 acres and turned into 245 acres of cut, pile and burn of pure swamp vegetation in the bottom of a 1,500 acre reservoir basin in Spaulding County, Ga. The project total was approx. $1.2 million and included the planting of approx. 700 acres of cutover and open land into pines for use as treated waste water uptake. This project lasted for 2.5 years.

Additional work includes contracting with the U.S. Forest Service in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee completing more than 30,000 acres of reforestation and timberland improvement services over a 15-year period; more work than any other company to the Nation’s National Forest in the Southeastern Region. Service work also included many military bases in the southeast, Ft. A. P. Hill, Dalhgren Navel Station, Ft. Bragg, Poinsette Missile Range and the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Savannah River Station in Akin S.C. The company never defaulted a contact and was the first to perform various new and developing techniques that are now the standard tools used in reforestation throughout the United States.

The company has always served the small private landowner market with multiuse conservation & reforestation services for investment purposes as well as for family enjoyment and asset preservation. The company has come full-circle; we reached the millstone of replanting one of our tracts that was harvested in 2002, which we planted in 1983.

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