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Our History

Renewable Forestry Services has been planting trees since 1983. Our roots go back to David Ellis planting trees across the Rocky Mountains with the company Cottage Industries between 1979 and 1981.

Our first clients included Georgia Kraft, Weyerhaeuser and various private land owners around the state. We were awarded one of our first Forest Service contracts in the Francis Marion National Forest to perform tree injection and were then awarded a number of RFQ’s and IFB’s in rapid succession. In fact, we covered much of the southeast and over the next decade we had a hand in restoring more that 25,000 acres for the Federal Government. From the Bankhead National Forest in Northwest Alabama to the Uwharrie National Forest in central North Carolina we contracted reforestation work on a regular basis for most of the National Forests in Region 8 - the Southeast. We also performed similar services on a number of military installations around the south.

For more details of how we got started, please click “The Early Days” to learn more.

To view a listing of our completed contracts please click one of the following links below.

Private Landowners

Tree planting and Forest Conservation Workers go hand in hand with labor provided from abroad. We have sponsored workers from Mexico, Ghana, Peru and Sweden. To learn more about our experiences in Mexico and Ghana click below:





Renewable Resources
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