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Please review the references from three Federal Contracts completed by our company.

USACE - Little Calumet River Wetland Mitigation

DoD Navy - Naval Air Station Key West Mangrove Removal

NRCS - Roundabout Swamp Replanting

References For Some Completed Contracts

Agency:  National Park Service -  Natchez Trace Parkway

2008 - Hazardous Tree Removal
Contract #:  P5578-08-0007
Contracting Officer:  Warren Pannell  Ph. 662-680-4009
Awarded Amount: $38,250.00
Removal of 150 Hazardous Trees from Parkway right-of-way.

2007 – Wildland Urban Interface Hazardous Fuel Reduction
Contract #: C5570-07-0001
Contracting Officer:  Dale Wilkerson  662-680-4009;
Awarded Amount: $82,726.00
Removal of woody material from 165 acres adjacent to private property.  Material was
chipped on site or removed and donated as firewood

2004 - Hazardous Tree Removal
Contract #:
Contracting Officer:  Dale Wilkerson  662-680-4009;
Awarded Amount: $
Removal of Hazardous trees from Parkway mow line.

2002 - Urban Interface Fuel Hazard Reduction
Contract #:
Contracting Officer:  Dale Wilkerson  662-680-4009;
Awarded Amount: $
Removal of dead and down woody material from land adjacent to private property.  Material was chipped on site.

Agency:  National Park Service – Acadia National Park
Clear Boundary Fuel Breaks
Contract #: 11700070203
Contracting Officer: Linda McFarland 207-288-8713
Head Inspector:  Fred Olson 207-288-8781
Awarded Amount: $129,228.00            Final Contract: $129,228.00
Period of Performance: Winter of 2007/2008

Clear Boundary Fuel Breaks.  As part of the National Park Service’s effort to reduce the risk of wildfires, the Acadia National Park let a contract to clear a 50 foot wide firebreak of the dead standing and downed wood.  The work had to be done by hand given the remoteness and the sensitivity of the eco-system.

Agency: USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service Georgia
Roundabout Swamp Replanting
Contract #: AG-4310-P-07-0015
Contracting Officer: Louis Hendricks Ph.706-546-3000
Awarded Amount: $352,491.33            Final Contract: $387,516.33
Period of Performance: Winter of 2007/2008

The Roundabout Swamp is located in southeast GA in Atkinson County just west of the town of Pierson.  The Cypress Swamp had been clear-cut 30 years ago but had not regenerated a new Cypress Forest.  The drought of 2006 was severe in south Georgia and in the spring of 2007 this 3,000 acre eco-system was tinder dry and caught fire, burning the swamp down to a pile of ash.  In fact, the ash was in places more than a foot deep.  We were contracted to replant the main body of the swamp with 608,000 seedlings.

Agency: U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Contract: The Agency funded a riverbank restoration and wetland planting for a private family.   
Contracting Officer: Anita Goetz  (
Owners:  Steve and Betsy Shi (
Awarded Amount: $10,000.00           
Period of Performance: Winter of 2007/2008

The property is located in Northeast GA in the foothills of Banks County. The site is a field that borders the Hudson River where the riverbend was prone to severe erosion and the field was literally washing away.  A Federal cost share had funded a bank stabilization contract that used logs and cables to reinforce the riverbank.  Our Contract was to establish plants within the repaired bank and plant about one third of the open field to increase trees and plant vegetation along the edge of the river.

We planted the following: 240 Buttonbush, 500 Silky Dogwoods, 40 Virginia Sweetspire, 10 Winterberry, 220 Spicebush, and between 30 and 350 of the following trees, American Elm, Bitternut, Georgia Buckeye, Red Maple, River Birch, Swamp Chestnut Oak, Swamp Tupelo, Sycamore, Water Oak, Willow Oak, Winged Elm, Black Willow, Box Elder, and Green Ash.  We sprayed the field with Roundup, did the layout using various colors coding methods to mark which species went where.  Since we know wetland species by heart we did the layout so that those who prefer wet feet were in the wettest areas, while those who can prosper in drier areas were planted on the drier soils within the site. 

Agency:  National Park Service – Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area
Storm Damage Repair
Contract #: C5340053168 
Contracting Officer: Robert Solomon Ph 404-562-3163 ext.651
Awarded Amount: $732,514.00            Final Contract: $764,457.00
Period of Performance: Winter of 2005/2006

The Park suffered serious trail, road, and culvert damage and from hurricane Floyd resulting in the letting of this Storm Damage Repair Contract.  In total we repaired miles of foot trails, washouts along the Chattahoochee River, built boardwalks, installed standard culverts as well as bottomless culverts, re-graded gravel roadbeds and parking lots and removed fallen trees.  We also performed roadside clearing as the 1st order of work clearing banks along the road right-of-ways.  While the contract was administrated by the Maintenance Department, we ended up working more with Alex Reynolds and Chris Hughes out of the Resource Management Division.  Given that we knew the natives versus the exotics on the park and the growth habitats of the natives we were able to perform a selective removal along the road right-of-ways after being given clearance to leave natives such as Staghorn Sumac, Dogwoods, some pines etc. meeting the needs of clearing the banks while leaving a much more pleasant view.

Agency: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Little Calumet River Mitigation Implementation
Contract #:DAKF23-02-C-0011
Contracting Officer: Regina Blair, 
Head Inspector Ed Karwatka
Primary designer of contract:  Greg Moore  312-846-5586
Awarded Amount: $921,102.68               Final Contract: $1,405,845.29
Period of Performance: 2003/2007

The Wetland Restoration was Mitigation for the construction of levees in Gary, Indiana.  We cleaned, cleared and restored 100 acres of soybean fields and 50 acres condemned neighborhoods into high quality wetlands.

The project included removal of exotic and invasive infestations from the former residential properties and the removal of 982 tons of garbage, tires and concrete.  Intense applications of herbicide for five years were required to reclaim the site.  Installation of a customized native seed mix has changed the site from an eyesore to a joyful home of deer and birds.

The restoration of the field required the total removal of an extensive drain field tile system.  The site contours were changed to allow a natural spring to flow through the site instead of into a ditch.  Herbicide applications were used to remove the agriculture based exotics and Cottonwoods that attempted to takeover the site.  Installation of two runs of 48 inch RPC and one run of 36 inch RPC controlled the flow of local drainage ditches around the site to meet the goals of flood control included in the project.  Installation of the site customized native seed mix has successfully converted the site into a field of waving grasses and flowers filled with birds attracted by the abundant vegetation.

Agency:  U.S. Department of the Navy     Naval Air Station Key West
Airfield Vegetation Removal
Contract #:N62467-04-C-2737
Contracting Officer:  Sharon Keenan   Ph. 305-293-3169
Awarded Amount:  $236,759.00                        Final Contract:  $269,947.18
Period of Performance:  2005

We removed 35 acres of Mangrove Trees and associated trees from the area adjacent to the main Airfield Runway.  The right-of-way surrounding the airfield had not been maintained in a mowed condition and had regenerated in Mangroves.  This condition endangered the planes using the runway.  The site conditions included habitat of the endangered Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit, Bald Eagles and squadrons of F-18’s. 

We performed our work in such a way as to protect and improve the endangered habitat.  Working within 200 feet of the runway centerline required strict adherence to Naval Security Procedures and constant communication with the Tower Controllers.  We were required to remove the vegetation using chainsaws and hand carry the material to the chipper at the grass edge by the runway.  We were advised of incoming traffic and given time to move beyond 400 feet of the centerline of the runway and await the all clear to resume if our work was inside of this safety zone.  (Notice was sometimes very short and we were told to sit and be still.) 

The site was in the tidal zone of the Atlantic Ocean and conditions ranged from walking through our visible cut stumps and “mosquito ditches” to slogging through pools that were created at high tide.

U.S. Dept of Interior Fish and Wildlife, Mountain-Prairie Region
Marais des Cygnes NWR, Kansas.
WUI Re-Sprout Treatment for Marais des Cygnes NWR
Contract #:601816P597,L
Contracting Officer:  Albert J. O’Mara   Ph 303-236-4335
COR:  Deon Steinle   Ph 913-352-8956
Period of Performance:  2006

WUI Re-Sprout Treatment for Marais des Cygnes NWR in Pleasanton Kansas.  Here we treated 150 acres of sprouted Locust, Elm, Osage orange, Red Cedar and exotics using the chemical Pathfinder 2 as a basil bark application.

Agency:  Henry County Water and Sewer Authority
Clear Basin for Towaliga Reservoir
Contract #:  Various Task Orders
Contracting Officer:  Chuck McCarter   Ph. 770-294-7972
Awarded Amount:  $1,400,000
Period of Performance:  April 1998 through July 2000

We were initially contracted to saw down the swamp covering the basin for the Towaliga Reservoir in Henry County, Georgia.  We leveled 245 acres of trees on braided streams and creeks.  Evaluation by the EPA concluded that the woody material had to be removed in order to provide the required water quality the Reservoir was intended to supply.  We were then contracted to remove the material by any means possible as fast as possible.  We cleared the material by a combination of cut, pile, burn and removal by winching the trees to the banks and hauling them away.  We layered the tree trunks in platforms over the streams and piled brush, branches and logs on top and burned it down to the water and removed any stubs leftover. 


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