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Reforestation ServicesRenewable started as a tree planting company. From the Rocky Mountains to the coast of Georgia we have pioneered many planting techniques that are now the industry standard. Accordingly, you can rest assured that Renewable has the experience and expertise to implement the most ecologically favorable and profitable reforestation plan for any property.

The Right Prescription

The larger tree cookie shows the growth of a stand Renewable planted 17 years ago using a planting pattern of 8 ft by 8 ft, yielding a stocking of 680 seedlings per acre. The other much smaller cookie is from a naturally seeded stand on the same property. The stocking of that naturally seeded stand started out at approximately 5,000 stems per acre. Today, management has taught us that an initial stocking of 500 to 550 pines per acre, growing free of competition, will reach diameters of 10 to 12 inches in 15 years. Note how the annual growth rings tighten up at age 10. Had the stand started out at 450 to 500 per acre it would not have started stagnating at age 12. The right prescription of planting density and management is a choice that will determine your results for the life of your stand.

Site Preparation

Site preparation is to facilitate planting as well as reducing future competition for the new forest. Removal of competing species can be accomplished by using herbicides, fire and bulldozers . We are experts in both tractor broadcast and selected foliar spraying of herbicides by backpack. Prescriptions can combine chainsaw slashdown of culls with herbicide stump spraying and backpack spraying of smaller sprouts, blackberries or other invasive plants. This will control the woody and vegetative competition allowing a cost effective "weeding" and ensures that your new forest gets a jump on life. Most sites will also benefit from a controlled site prep burn. The burn releases nutrients for the newly planted seedlings, makes planting easier, and can reduce fire hazards in the newly established forest.

We also employ various mechanical site prep tools, such as subsoiling of compacted soils to trap water, traditional dozer clearing, whole tree chipping and stump grinding. We are fully equipped to customize your site prescription to meet your needs.


Renewable Resources
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Hand Planting

Hand PlantingRenewable plants all types of pine, including loblolly. We also plant hardwood seedlings, cypress, and wildlife enhancement varieties. Here Ignacio is planting a Longleaf pine seedling with our most dependable and effective hand tool, the hoedad.

Machine Planting
Machine Planting

We offer tractor and bull dozier services allowing us to cover a wide variety of terrain types. Our two Cat-D4E Forestry Dozers pull our two C&G Woodland tree-planters. Our Ford-New Holland 4X4 Tractor pulls our Whitfield semi-automatic tree planter that is ideal for cropland plantings. We have adjusted our machines to plant an eight ft drill. Using a ten ft wide row yields a stocking of 545 seedlings per acre. Time has shown that a lower initial stocking and use of advanced genetically selected stock will yield a ten inch diameter tree in about 12 years on most southern sites. This pushes the pulpwood product class into chip-n-saw for the first thinning and the price you receive for chip-n-saw is nearly double per ton of the market price for pulpwood. Chip-n-saw will also tie up carbon longer than just paper because the 2 bx 4's generally end up in construction of homes that tie up the carbon longer that producing just paper class materials from the first thinning.



ReleaseHand application of herbicides to release pine or hardwood stands. We also offer chainsaw release/thinning services as well.

Pre-Commercial Thinning

Pre-Commercial ThinningTo maintain a healthy stand a thinning can be necessary to maintain a steady growth rate. Pre-commercial thinning can be accomplished by use of chainsaws or brush cutters. If fire is a threat with the added dead fuel load the felled material can be chipped or carried to a safe burning location.
This is not a practical option in the southeast as GA has an out standing fire fighting system setup by the Georgia Forestry Commission and should a fire start they generally have it plowed out in under an hour.
Fuel reduction by chipping or managed burning of pre-commercially thinned material is a livable cost effective method of preventing timber losses out west. We support plans for large scale hazardous fuel reductions operations in conjunction with pre-commercial thinning operations. Even at cost averaging $500 to $600 per acre if the effort saves an existing stand of mature trees the saved stumpage remaining in the Nations repository of forest inventor is worth the investment. With Cap and Trade just around the corner preserving the older growth forest will in our prediction become an invaluable tool in international trade as we move globally to curb global warming.

Controlled Burning

Controlled BurningRenewable has performed controlled burning for 25 years with an outstanding safety record and success rate. We have the equipment to install fire breaks, portable water delivery systems and equipment necessary to ensure safe and deliberate burn. Many habitats prosper from the inclusion of fire in their management plan and we have the skill, equipment and insurance responsibly offer this service.

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