UCIC Renewable Resources is David and Jill Ellis.  Our combined experience, strength and creativity are the driving force of any initiative we join.  Because we are the company, the name of that entity is of little importance.  As we move forward in our lives, sometimes re-inventing ourselves along the way, we bring that spirit of creative problem solving to all our endeavors.

Our years experience in environmental contracting has been spent on the leading edge of applying the latest ideas toward restoration of various natural resources.  Most of those Ideas were good and have now become industry standards.

Our contracts have had wide ranging components and we have had to learn a lot along the way.  We have installed sod, made crawdad crossings, restored prairies and planted millions of seedlings across the country.

We have always been a service oriented company; that service has always been to please our client.  Of all the pats on the back, kind words of praise, checks written and referrals provided, the one we are most proud of is the review from the United States Army Corps of Engineers for our work on our Little Calumet River Wetland Restoration Contract.

For information on work we have previously performed as Renewable Forestry Services, Inc, please see the page above titled “Renewable Forestry Services, Inc.“.

Below is one corner of the prairie we restored to joy and beauty.