Renewable Forestry Services, Inc.

Offered environmental restoration services from 1983-2011, tree planting, site preparation, release of selected crop trees, tallgrass prairie grassland restoration, exotic and invasive plant removal in addition to wetland restoration and construction services. Our clients included the National Park Service, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Natural Resource Conservation Service, the Department of the Navy, State Agencies, private domestic landowners and international timberland investors.

To see our old website with our 30 years of contracting information which includes             contract references, body of work and issues we fought to change, please visit:

Renewable Forestry Services, Inc.

Please review the references from these three Federal Contracts completed by our company.

USACE – Little Calumet River Wetland Mitigation 

DoD Navy – Naval Air Station Key West Mangrove Removal

NRCS – Roundabout Swamp Replanting